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Common Dishwasher Problems That Require Expert Attention

Dishwasher becomes a luxury item when you realize that you don’t need to get one since dishes can be washed by hands. However, it can feel like an essential, as you don’t always want to wash all those dishes by yourself. If you already have one installed, then it's important that it works smoothly, making it worthy of the money spent.

When you purchase a home appliance, you expect it to work seamlessly. But, as well all know, no machine or device is immune to setbacks. Following are five common problems that affect the workflow of your dishwasher:

1. Dishes remain unclean

One of the most common problems occurs when the dishwasher doesn’t fulfill its purpose, which is cleaning the dishes. The problem could arise from the way you’re using it, for example, overloading the dishwasher or not wiping off food debris. There is also a chance that the inner mechanism of the dishwasher, such as the float switch or the spray is impaired.

2. Dishwasher Failing to Start

It is quite obvious that the dishwasher won’t be able to function if it does not start. When you try to turn it on and hear a whirring sound, something else is possibly the reason. It could be a clogged pump, improper wiring, or a problematic switch. Such issues can be complicated, and call for an expert’s help.

3. Overloading

When your dishwasher overloads with water, it results in a huge mess of soapy solution and wastage of water. Another possible reason for such a mess could be the float switch or the malfunction in the timer, indicating the washer to keep filling.

4. Water Leakage

A problem of water leaking out of the dishwasher usually causes a puddle of water just beneath the door. This problem can be due to the overload of the dishwasher, but in some cases, regular leaking can result in a failure of gaskets or seals. The drain hose connection could also loosen up.

5. Dishwasher Creates Noise

Have you observed your dishwasher making noise while running? The increase in the noise can indicate a problem. It is likely that the spray arm is bashing the dishes, creating misalignment of signals. Another reason could be a seal or ring rattling around.

Dealing with dishwasher problems can be tricky, in order to ensure a guaranteed solution, consult a professional repair expert. QuickGenie’s services find the best expert for you, solving any troubles you are facing with your dishwasher. We’re available 24x7 to serve you anytime.

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