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Leaky Toilet? Here’s why

When it comes to house maintenance, toilets can be a tricky place. People frequently have toilets that are leaking or have some loose fittings. The origin of such problems can be hard to find, often leaving you clueless and wondering, “why is my toilet leaking?”

The problem of leakage is very common in toilets, and it sometimes leads other issues like damage to your flooring, subfloor, or ceiling. Detecting problems early on is one of the best preventive measures. You can save your money and most importantly spare yourself from the headaches, by simply understanding these problems and a few simple techniques to deal with them.

The problems that occur in our toilets can range from simple to complex. Through this article, we will help you understand some common reasons for toilet leakage.

Check The Supply Line

The Shut off valve and supply line beneath the tank can become sites of leakage due to low maintenance. In some cases, the supply line and valve start leaking, as connection seals wear out. Always check for leakage in these two.

It is likely that problems in your toilet are arising due to water dripping from the supply line or the valve.

In simple cases, these problems are solved by just tightening the connections on the supply line. But in complex ones, replacing the line or the valve becomes necessary to stop further leakage and water wastage.

Gaskets and Bolts

The connection between the toilet tank and bowl is another area which is vulnerable to leakage. The bowl and tank are kept connected with the help of a couple of bolts, which can loosen over time. It often damages the rubber washers on those bolts, or the rubber gaskets lying in the middle of the tank and bowl.

Tightening the bolts helps only so much as preventing the link. In order to achieve a permanent solution, we recommend you to replace the bolts, the bolts washers, and the gaskets to make sure that the problem is taken care of. Such a fix can be vital, as it helps in avoiding other problems arising due to the same leak.

Wax Ring or Toilet’s Ring

Have you been noticing water near the base of your toilet, or any water stains on the ceiling under an upstairs bathroom? If yes, then it’s likely there are some issues related to the flange of your toilet.

The closet flange lies between the toilet and the ongoing waste, serving as a connection point for your home’s plumbing. Any problem with your flange can result in toilet leakage, and unlike the first two issues, this one can cause a dirty water leak.

Therefore, it’s important to address such an issue immediately. An easy method to deal with it is to replace the wax ring that creates a seal between the toilet and flange.

If you’re still facing troubles regarding toilet leakage and looking for a long lasting fix, you’re on the right page. QuickGenie is here to provide you support; our services are available 24x7. Call us anytime, and our expert will be at your service.

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