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Reasons Why Your Refrigerator Is Making Noise

Refrigerators are one of the most important appliances in your home. A broken or malfunctioning refrigerator should be promptly addressed due to avoid your food from spoiling or worse still, causing a safety hazard.

A noisy refrigerator quickly becomes an annoyance due to the constant sound and it is an indicator of a malfunctioning component. It’s better to diagnose the noise problem before it results in a part failure as it might cost you significantly more to remedy the issue. Note that all refrigerators are expected to generate some sound. Use this guide only if the noise is out of the ordinary.

In case you are unsure about something, it’s always better to let an expert deal with the issue. Tampering with high-voltage electronics can result in a life-threatening electric shock if you are not careful.

Always remember to wear non-conductive footwear to ground yourself, significantly reducing the risk of a shock. Before you call your service technician, here are simple check you can perform.

Faulty condenser fan blade or motor

This is highly likely for frost free refrigerators, there’s a condenser fan at the rear bottom end of the machine. It circulates air over the dedicated coil to remove heat. If an obstruction, debris or accumulated dust is settled on this, it might hamper the ability of the fan to operate efficiently, causing noise. In case you cannot find any buildup on the fan, it is highly likely that the condenser fan might need to be replaced.

Faulty evaporator fan blade or motor

If you feel that the refrigerator is making a loud noise that is coming from the freezer section. There is a chance that the evaporator fan might be the culprit. This fan is responsible for circulating cool air in the food section. The blades of this fan might wear out or loosen up over time, causing it to run at reduced capacity. It can also be caused by obstructions in the fan’s movement.

Worn out compressor

If the compressor is making loud sounds, and you have realized that these noises are a lot louder than normal operation, it is probably a failing compressor. This problem should be promptly checked and inspected by a technician.

Value clogging

In an event when the ice maker is producing weird sounds, there is a high chance that the water inlet valve is faulty. This can be caused due to obstructions or mineral, scale deposits in the valve. The only way to fix this problem is to replace the valve.

At the end, we would recommend that dealing with electronic appliances carries a certain risk if not handled correctly. When in doubt, always call a technician rather than trying to remedy the problem yourself.

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