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The Benefits Of Keeping Your Car Clean

Home and car are probably the biggest expenses that people bear in their lives. Just like your residence, your car also is a living space. Sure, it might take you from point A to B, but consider this. You probably spend at least an hour in your car driving on a daily basis.

The sheer number of outdoor elements that you expose your vehicle to calls for preventive measures to ensure your car stays clean.

Here are the advantages of keeping your car clean -

Makes it look new

If you regularly clean your car or hire a service to do it for you. The car will end up looking new for a longer time. People who maintain their vehicles can make them look brand-new even after years of use. Furthermore, some people are simply addicted to the “new car smell” and want it to last for as long as possible.

On the contrary, if you often neglect the cleaning needs for your car, it can end up looking like it came from a scrapyard.

Protects from dirt-induced damage

Dirt refers to any foreign particles which enter your car or are accumulated on the outer body.

Dirt includes dust, sand and even salt particles that stick to the body of your car. Over time, these particles can scratch the paint job, cause permanent stains and even lead to corrosion of the metal body. Once rust shows up on the body of your car, it’s incredibly difficult to completely remove and can eat away the rest of your car’s metal body.

Periodic cash wash prevents the buildup for dirt and prolongs the car’s life and appearance.

Enhances driving safety

Car cleaning is not limited to the accumulation of dirt, it goes beyond the physical appearance. Clean windshields and windows can dramatically alter your driving experience. It improves visibility and makes it easier for other drivers to spot you.

In case there is a buildup of dirt in your car, it may worsen the footing in your car. The small particles can get into the inner components and have the potential to cause hazardous equipment failure, leading to life-threatening situations.

You may even slip on the debris in your car while entering or exiting which can lead to possible injuries. Clean turn signals and lights offer better road visibility and coverage.

Improves fuel efficiency

As you drive your car, dirt gets collected on the inside as well as the outside. It might not seem as much, but over time, these particles add up a considerable weight to your car and this leads to lower fuel economy.

Prevents illness

Whether its dust, cigarette smoke, dropped food particles or shoes, all of these are responsible for health problems. They contain harmful particles and microscopic organisms such as bacteria and viruses which thrive in closed environments. This means that the longer you go without a car wash, these parasites will continue to breed, causing your car to smell and develop into serious carriers of disease.

These diseases can affect your family and pets. As you are regularly exposed to these microorganisms and germs, it’s highly likely that they can enter your home through clothes or even shoes.

Prevents corrosion and rust

Rust and corrosion are literal cancer for your car. It will eat away the metal body slowly over time like a parasite. The only way to prevent this from happening is to regularly get your cash washed. The buildup of dust, salt and sand particles cause the upper layers of paint to scratch and chip-off, exposing the metal body to a wide variety of environmental elements, causing physical damage.

Boosts self-esteem

Imagine you are going for a job interview. You exit your car and your potential colleagues see how dirty and under-maintained it is. It’s true what they say, “You only get to make a first impression once.”

Take another example, you are going to pick up someone from their house. The moment they step into your car, they are bombarded with weird smells from dried off food under the seat. Not only will they be disgusted, you are less likely to be asked for a ride in the future.

In an alternate scenario, you maintain your car and keep it clean. Where ever you go, you exit your vehicle with your head held high. A clean car gives the impression that you take good care of your belongings and personal hygiene.

Saves money

You might think that spending on car washing services will be a strain on your wallet. However, it’s the opposite, since you are actively contributing in keeping your car clean and tidy, it will prevent a lot of dirt-induced problems in the long run, sparing you the surprises of costly repairs.

Moreover, a well-maintained car will always fetch a better resale value. This helps in saving money in the long run.

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